Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19

I’m actually in Greece right now enjoying a water sports holiday but that hasn’t stopped me posting a great list of web site designs. I really appreciate you reading my blog and I hope to see you here again soon!

Color Stream App

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Color Stream

“Finally, a color app that feels like it’s working with you rather than against! If you’re working with colors daily, or even if you just enjoy looking at and creating colors, this app’s for you.”

Web Mynd

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Web Mynd

“There’s more to search than Google. Augment your searches with real-time Twitter updates, Wikipedia articles, YouTube videos, and results from dozens of other places.”

Bug Interactive

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Bug Interactive

“All you need to know is that anything on the web can be done by our in-house team. We get involved in our fair share of CMS builds, XML feeds and API’s for sure, but we’re not all techie. We love a bit of branding as much as playing around with the latest web gizmo.”


Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Jeshua

This By Them

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - This By Them

“This by Them began as a collaboration between two successful freelancers who realized the whole was greater than the sum of its parts, or, at least, wanted to create some kickbutt websites and designs.”

Bombers Of World War II

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Bombers Of World War II


Camtessa Design

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Camtessa

“I’m a young freelance who was born and lives in Barcelona. I like to travel, to draw, to take photos, and of course, to design.”

One Mighty Roar

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - One Mighty Roar

“One Mighty Roar is a group based in Massachusetts, USA that believes the internet should be refreshing. We do web, graphics, marketing, and creativity – odds are we can be useful to you.”

Healthy Valdosta

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Healthy Valdosta

“This website is the brainchild of the Healthy Living Task Force, which is a program of the Lowndes County Partnership for Health (Partnership for Health). The Partnership for Health was incorporated in 1997 as a non-profit health organization serving Lowndes County and surrounding area.”

Trek Web Design

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Trek Development

“Ideas for your business? Trek Web Design can make them reality! With years of experience in Design, Corporate Branding, and Web Development, Trek Web Design leverages Web 2.0 technologies to help our clientele succeed.”

Buckenmeyer & Co

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Buckenmeyer & Co

“Buckenmeyer & Co. is a design studio that creates editorial, marketing and brand design that’s user-friendly and true to the essence of your brand. That’s why we like to say that substance is style. “

Sunset Events

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Sunset Events

“We like to think of it as minimalist – or perhaps deconstructionalist. The company employs a whole bunch of people who, after a couple of espressos, manage to come up with some pretty nifty ideas. When the caffeine jitters subside we then knock our collective heads together and set about implementing those nifty ideas.”

Rolf Houben

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Rolf Houben


Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Concentrate

“Concentrate helps you work and study more productively by eliminating distractions.”


Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - rock.cz

Divine Hardwood Flooring

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Divine Hardwood Flooring

“We have a 100% focus of hardwood flooring. No tile, no carpet and no linoleum will distract us from our true love.”

Upload Robots

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Upload Robots

“Upload Robots is a fast, safe and easy way to upload, download and share a file. File uploading has never been easier.”

Core Engine

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #19 - Core Engine

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  1. Blog Header Guy said on September 14, 2009

    Some cool sites, I can see why you like them.

    I was surprised by how many weren’t connected to social media sites like twitter or facebook.


  2. Weekly Web Design Inspiration #20 | D-Lists said on September 21, 2009

    [...] Weekly Web Inspiration #19 [...]

  3. Corporate Branding Identity | Tony said on September 27, 2009

    Amazing collection of amazing graphic design concepts and ideas. Thanks for these awe-inspiring images.