Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12

It feels like an age ago since last weeks web inspiration list. Well I’ve just had a look at what this week has in store and wow it’s a great list of some awesome web design! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - twe4ked

“I am a self taught web designer and would love to help you with your site or make one for you from scratch. I have had a lot of experience creating and editing themes for wordpress blogs and also know my way around themes for phpBB forums. I am also highly proficient in Photoshop CS, the leading image editing tool and I am capable of making graphics or logo’s for your website or publication.”

Planning Center

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Planning Center

“Planning Center Online will simplify and organize your ministry. Are you currently scheduling your volunteers by calling them each week? Do you use Excel, Word or Google Docs to plan your service? Planning Center Online will revolutionize the way you plan your services!”


Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Poplabs

“Our passion is to help our clients achieve better online marketing results, and we help them by focusing on solutions that their target audience really wants.”

Bazar Solidate

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Bazar Solidale


Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Deqq

“DEQQ is service that provides artists and broadcasters with a brandable desktop application* that can deliver music, video, and games directly to your followers.”


Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Rush

“Created by Andrew Phouli and Stelios Andrew, the Rush Hair Group has been at the forefront of hairdressing for over 15 years. Their passion for developing a group of salons that offer the highest quality of service and professionalism, as well as cutting edge creativity has led to 46 luxurious salons across London and the South and seven British Hairdressing Awards to date.”

5 Pieces

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - 5 Pieces

“5pieces started a couple of years ago as a design project. The idea was that you would be given 5 pieces of inspiration. These would range from a quote, to an image to a sound even. You then had a given time to come up with a final design. Entries were judged and then displayed on site.”

Franky Aguilar

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Franky Aguilar

“This is the portfolio of web developer and graphic artist Franky Aguilar. This is the portfolio, blog, and lifestyle site of Franky Aguilar. This site will showcase the graphic media and development of digital mediums of Franky Aguilar.”


Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Gummisig

“Guðmundur Bjarni Sigurðsson has been designing websites professionally for over seven years. And still loves every minute of it. That´s enough of talking…”

Vanity Claire

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Vanity Claire

“Hi, I’m Claire. I’m a Creative Director of the Art Director persuasion. I live in Dallas with my husband and my interns, and I make pretty things for a living. You can look at my resume if you want, or download a big, pretty hard copy of my portfolio. If you want me to make pretty things for you, or just want to say hello, you can get in touch with me.”


Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Tweehits

Chris Borrowdale

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Chris Borrowdale

“Chris Borrowdale is a freelance designer specialising in providing high quality web design, logo design, print and graphic design, based in Newcastle.”

The Feast

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - The Feast

“The Feast is a cross-disciplinary series of programs addressing social innovation and new ways to make the world a better place.”

Justin Delabar

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Justin Delabar

“Justin Delabar is a web strategist and designer with more than a decade’s worth of experience, ranging from user research to visual design and front-end development.”

Blueray Design

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 - Blueray

“Providing unique modern design architecture and building projects in Southern Spain – working hard to deliver beyond expectation.”

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