Weekly Web Inspiration #7

Weekly Web Inspiration

Week #7 for the web inspiration series and the quality has no signs of dropping!

I really enjoy putting this list together throughout the week but as I do I never really get the chance to properly digest the list until the day I compose it in wordpress. Now that I have though I can realize just how good these designs are. I hope you agree!


Weekly Web Inspiration - Pampaneo


Weekly Web Inspiration - Norbauer

“A distinguished workshop of architects and artisans with expertise in high-end web development. We combine local project management and a specialized engineering team in North America with the scalability of our New Delhi bureau. We’re a globally distributed team of friends who work together as a cohesive unit.”

84 Colors

“I’m Cristiana Bardeanu, a freelance web designer and occasional painter and photographer, currently living in Amsterdam. This site is a showcase of all my creative work. Thanks for stopping by! “


Weekly Web Inspiration - Starco

Kim Ellefsen

Weekly Web Inspiration - Kim Ellefsen

“This website represents the private ramblings of Kim Andreas Ellefsen, graphic designer, webdeveloper and partner of Eyego, a designstudio located in Oslo, Norway.”

Pirata London

Weekly Web Inspiration - Pirata

“Pirata is a passionate team of designers, creative technologists and producers devoted to the craft of designing and building digital gorgeousness.”

Brooklyn Fare

Weekly Web Inspiration - BrooklynFare

“We started Brooklyn Fare with three simple things in mind: good foods at great prices offered up with outstanding service.”


Weekly Web Inspiration - Outstander

“My name is Flurin Müller. I’m an experienced freelance web-designer working in Switzerland. I create accessible, attractive and clean websites which are highly customized for individual requirements.”

Full Cream Milk

Weekly Web Inspiration - FullCreamMilk

“Full Cream Milk is a small Web design agency based in Birmingham, UK. We design and develop user-centred, accessible Web sites.”


Weekly Web Inspiration - Serj

“Serj Kozlov is a freelance web designer based in Toronto, ON. Designing for the web has been his passion for over 6 years now. Serj has had a pleasure to work for numerous clients in Canada and abroad.”

Food Inc.

Weekly Web Inspiration - Food Inc.

“Filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government’s regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA.”


Weekly Web Inspiration - Rypple

“We design solutions that put people first. Instead of focusing on top-down solutions, we believe that advancement and excellence are achieved using a bottom up, collaborative approach.”


Weekly Web Inspiration - Kukoo

“At some point in history, brave birds need to stand up and fight the battle. Time to meet Kukoo, cleaning up your email stress mess.”


Weekly Web Inspiration - Chengis.me

“Cheng is me, so I got this domain. I’m a Ph.D Candidate in Electronic Microscopy Laboratory , Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Tsinghua University.”


Weekly Web Inspiration - Efiquest

Nicholas Deakins

Weekly Web Inspiration - Nicholas Deakins

“The heritage collection from Nicholas Deakins encapsulates the whole ethos that created the brand 16 years ago. Green Label is widely regarded as the most popular collection due to its diverse styling and supreme construction.”

MB Dragan

Weekly Web Inspiration - MB Dragan

“You can call us an interactive agency but we think we are more than that. We are an agency for tomorrow. We like to partner with smart and innovative clients that share our values.”

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