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jacob cass just creative design

Today i have a fabulous interview for with the very talented Jacob Cass, who among other things run the design blog Justcreativedesign

Jacob is extremely active on most social networks and gives a lot of his time to helping out other people with advice. The most amazing thing about jacob’s success is that he is still a student studying graphic design! So not only is he in a very nice position right now, but he is also going to get better! Don’t you just hate people like that…

Anyway I hope you enjoy the interview

1) If you could start by introducing yourself. How would you describe what it is you do (job role/learning)? How long have you been doing it? What sort of clients have you worked for?

My name is Jacob Cass and I am a 21 year old designer from Sydney, Australia and I freelance under my design blog & business, Just Creative Design. On this blog (started in November 2007) I write about the topics of design & creativity which in turn brings in traffic & clients who require my design services. My clients range from large multinational companies right through to medium & small businesses – that’s what I love about this job, the diversity. I also judge logos for the Logo of the Day website and run the Logo Designer Blog – a blog dedicated entirely to branding & logo design.

2) Could you describe to me your typical day?

Wake up (usually around 11am). Turn on Computer. Have breakfast at computer. Check Blog Comments / Twitter / Facebook. Do emails for a few hours. Do design work. Lunch. Browse web. Twitter. Browse Web. Design work. Twitter. Dinner. Emails. Design work. Blog post. Twitter. Sleep (around 1 am).

jacob cass of just creative design

3) I know you balance studying with working as a freelancer and running your own websites. How do you ensure that you don’t burnout and what are your priorities right now?

Travelling gets me refreshed. I try to do a major holiday every six months with a few smaller ones in between so as to not burn out. My priorities at present are based on my blogs & design services however I always make time for friends and family – they come first.

4) As somebody studying right now do you think that people should have a qualification to start as a designer/web designer?

I don’t think it is vital however I would recommend it unless you are extremely motivated.

jacob cass of just creative design

5) How would you describe your design style?

Not sure if I have a style however I ensure all my designs have a meaning, an idea, a concept behind them.

6) Where do you go if you are looking for inspiration?

It varies depending on the project but for logos I like and for other projects usually helps me out pretty fast.

jacob cass just creative design

7) What are the initial stages you go through when starting a project? Do you undertake a lot of research or do you dive straight in etc?

Always research. Define the problem first, problem solve later.

8) Why did you start the websites that you run and has it proved to be a good decision to do so? What has having your own blog done for you?

Starting my own blog has done everything for me. Seriously.
+Exposure. +Income. +Networking. +Skills. +Knowledge. Everything.

jacob cass just creative design

9) For anybody thinking about starting their own blog, how many hours a week do you put into creating fresh content? Where do you get your post ideas? How long was the blog running for before it became what you would consider a success?

It really depends on what your aims are however I probably spend a couple hours a day over my three sites (not on them literally, but working on them, ie. promotion, commenting on other blogs, etc.) however, there are days when I am not online at all. My ideas come at different times and if I have an idea for an article I note it down to write it up later. It was probably 4-5 months until I really started getting good traffic however I didn’t do enough research before I started so that is another reason behind that. Do the research first.

It may be interesting to note that when I started back in November 2007, I only thought blogging was for personal diaries… I didn’t even know what WordPress or social media was.

10) Finally, do you have any advice to give to anyone looking to begin as a designer?

This question always comes up, so I wrote an article about it… advice for design students.

If you have any questions or comments, please do leave them below and I will happily reply. Thanks again Michael for this opportunity.

Well there you have it! It shows the kind of guy Jacob is that he thanks me for the opportunity, something tells me I’ll be getting more out of this than Jacob will so a massive thank you to him for giving his time to answer my questions!

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