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I’m one of a huge number of designers who just LOVE vinyl toys. I’ve lost count of the awesome desk areas i’ve seen that have been beautifully decorated with an awesome vinyl toy or ten. I thought that I’d showcase some of my favourite toys and now I look at the list that has been assembled, I wish I had the money to buy them all because they are all soooo good. I hope you enjoy the list and please suggest some other vinyl toys in the comments section because I just love to look at these things!

Fat Caps


“The FatCaps Series 2 is an innovative range of three inch figures produced by KidRobot. Each character comes alive in an anthropomorphic form based on the infamous Dunny design but with spray can lids for the heads.”

Ye Olde English Dunnys


“This lineup of 17 limited edition designs came straight from the genius minds of some of the top UK artists, and there’s nothing proper about them. Some are playing hooky from their royal duties, others are suffering from disturbing conditions, while a few are up to no good trying to escape the rain.”

Bent World Vandals


“Renegade spray paint cans, paint rollers and markers are set to bomb the streets with this new blind box mini series from graffiti artist Mad.”

King Ken


“Designed by famed illustrator and designer toy pioneer James Jarvis, the King Ken mini series features a collection of new 4″ versions of his popular King Ken character in six special colour variants.”

Finders Keepers


“From artist Joe Ledbetter comes his first fully designed and sculpted blind boxed mini series with the same vibrant colors, shadows, and character expressions we’ve grown to love.”



“Who needs friends when you have Mongers? These mini-figures from the mind of Frank Kozik come to liven up our desks, computer monitors, dash boards, or any other nook that needs filled. They are undeniably Kozik creations with cigarettes in their mouths, “evil” eyes, and the Kozik X between the eyes applied to a variety of items you may encounter in your day and a few I hope you don’t (like a grenade).”

Bamboo Zoo


“So cute, they’re terrifying. BambooZoo is filled with scary drooly beasties and serene furry things – weird horned creatures and critters that scream for attention – and they all want to be your friends!”

Cannibal Funfair


“Some come flocked, some roll, some hide friends inside, but don`t let their tricks distract you, `cause they`re all on the prowl for a bite to eat.”

TV Heads


“TV is bad. TV is good. An artist series making the programs on vinyl.”

Teddy Troops


“The Teddy Troops had been around in the streets for a while before they also turned into a 3D vinyl toy in 2004.”

Elements Alpha


“The series is the inspiration of French artist Easy Hey from the Delkographik collective and proposes that all matter in the world is based on the four elements of water, air, earth and fire.”

Wish Come True


“These magical toys feature a weighted bottom and built-in bell chime, giving a playful rocking motion and a subtle, soothing sound.”



“Marshall Mashumaro was a little boy who ate so many marshmallows he turned into one! How scary is that? But…he’s just about the cutest little marshmallow boy ever!”



“Abandoned by his biological parents in the barren deserts of Mexico, the infant Tequila was found and raised by a very caring family of desert cacti. One very sad day, his adopted parents died. After many days of crying, Tequila took his parents deceased remains and fermented them in an empty Tequila bottle. When he needs a quick boost of physical strength, Tequila empowers himself by taking a sip from this very special bottle.”

Lumpy Bumbpkin


“Lumpy Bumpkin is the toy that doesn’t do anything. He sits (literally) 4″ High and comes in a Chinese takeout container (with a hand drawn Lumpy Postal sticker)… His purpose in life is to do as little or nothing at all. Everyone knows someone who has a little Lumpy Bumpkin in them….for those that don’t (doubt it), maybe Lumpy is for them…”

Monster Burp


“Peskimo (David and Jodie) – designed a rather memorable art print for the London-based Monster Burp Show. It was so memorable that they recently teamed up with Crazy Label to produce and release a vinyl figure based on their character design.”



“Zliks live underground and travel in packs, occasionally peeking their heads out of the dirt in search of food, fun friends… or revenge. “



“Italian aritst Simone Legno and his art brand tokidoki are taking the world by storm. The Cactus Friends is their entry into the world of designer toys”



“Mozzarella is the leader of the Moofia, a gang assembled to extort milk from the lunchboxes of schoolyard bullies.”



“Produced by Huck Gee, Sharky is a series of fighter planes that fight it out vinyl style!”



“Mark James produces this clever Cardboy figure series. You turn the dope outer packing inside out to create these new figures. Sharp stuff.”

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  1. Ben said on May 28, 2009


  2. Rahul said on June 1, 2009

    Nice toy showcase.

    Oh yes, btw, nice use of big fonts, i like it.

  3. felipe said on June 1, 2009

    more reference!

  4. Dario Gutierrez said on June 1, 2009

    Nice toys, I like the Lucha Libre and Tequila Toy is great.

  5. atikusdesign said on June 2, 2009

    Dario, I think Tequila is my fav in the list as well! I wish I had the money and the space to get them all.

  6. atikusdesign said on June 2, 2009

    Rahul, thanks very much for the positive comments! I’m glad you’re liking the big fonts

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  10. Nikki said on February 27, 2010

    hey.. i like the random ideas like the little coat hanger tea bag. that is soooo cute… if only i came up with that…lol

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